the pellucid world


the pellucid world

a short film of "expanded machinima"
shot entirely with a stock gameboy camera
manually assembled from still frames
soundtrack by dunlavy and signal decay
public showings
june 10, 2007 · guild cinema · albuquerque, new mexico
(local animation)

december 16, 2006 · other cinema · san francisco, california
(new experimental works)

october 7, 2006 · high mayhem emerging arts festival · santa fe, new mexico
(basement films shorts)

june 25, 2005 · guild cinema · albuquerque, new mexico
(new mexico filmmakers' week)

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the film: high bitrate mpeg-1 files
(these are big files: right-click or control-click to save them to disk first)

low-resolution 320x240 (110 MB)
high-resolution 652x480 (265 MB)

the soundtrack: variable bitrate mp3 files
(each file contains a different embedded cover image)

the ninth ray [part 1] (6.7 MB)
the ninth ray [part 2] (8.1 MB)
the ninth ray [part 3] (10.1 MB)
the ninth ray [part 4] (10.6 MB)
zip archive of all four tracks (36 MB)

pixielation (2007)
gameboy camera links
drx: Gameboy Gallery
Inside the Gameboy Camera
GBC Parallel Port I/O hack and tech info
Another Gameboy-less GBC hack
Linux MadCatz GBC Cable software
Gameboy Periphery
other gameboy camera films
(unlike "the pellucid world" and "pixielation" these films employ a modified GBC
or adapter to record directly to tape or DV)

Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly (2006)
by James Kochalka

Film Music (2001)
by Stephanie Bolt & Eric Lesdema (soundtrack by Electrelane)
zipped MOV

Silence (2000)
by John A. Taylor & Brent A. Sims