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[PIXELS 2003] Animated Paintings: View this Teen Media workshop's cool results!

Here are the results of T. Foley's "Animated Paintings" workshop conducted during the Taos Talking Picture Festival's 6th Annual Teen Media Conference. In this experimental session, students learned about the process of animation production by shooting a cinematic exercise exploring the choreography of motion. Each student group used techniques of stop-motion animation brought into the digital realm via DV camcorder, Powerbook and an animation program called FrameThief.

Each painting is an animated GIF file which should display properly in any web browser. After the file has loaded, you can see it again by selecting "Reload" or "Refresh" in your browser.

Flash Animations: The Screen and I

The Choreography of Motion: Animated Paintings

Ephemeral Digital Media: Amiga Dreams

Computing as a Subversive Activity: Revolution OS and iBrotha

Guerrilla News Network: AfterMath and Selections from the GNN Bunker

A Study in Pixilation

Negativland’s Mark Hosler: Creative Media Resistance

Rick Prelinger: Beyond Copyright Consciousness

Artificial Intelligence from Eliza to The Sims