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Revolution OS

Revolution OS

[PIXELS 2003] Computing as a Subversive Activity: Revolution OS and iBrotha

As the computer becomes the most significant tool ever placed in the hands of humanity, control of its future becomes a political issue--a situation explored both seriously and humorously in these two films. Variants of Microsoft's Windows operating system dominate the world market, but a vocal and growing minority of users continues to take a stand against platform homogeneity. JTS Moore's Cinemascope documentary Revolution OS provides insight into the Open Source/Free Software movement that produced the Linux operating system. Moore provides interviews with Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, and Eric Raymond, luminaries of "a grassroots revolution that continually, through no grand design, kept battling one of the most powerful corporations on Earth: Microsoft."

This full-length feature was preceded by the US premiere of iBrotha, a satirical short starring Neil Rayment (The Matrix: Reloaded) as Brother Copland, a Malcolm X-style revolutionary who is determined to end anti-Macintosh prejudice "by any means necessary."

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