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Mark Hosler (guest speaker)

Mark Hosler is a founding member of the group Negativland. Since 1980 Negativland have been creating records, video, radio, a web site and live performance using appropriated sound, image and text. Taken mostly from corporately owned mass culture, Negativland re-arranges these bits and pieces to make them say things they never intended to. In doing this kind of cultural opposition and "culture jamming," Negativland have been sued twice for copyright infringement and have, since 1991, been publicly involved in advocating a significant reform of this nations copyright laws.

Rick Prelinger (guest speaker)

Rick Prelinger organized Prelinger Archives in 1982 to collect and preserve ephemeral films (advertising, educational, industrial, documentary and home movies) not collected by other archives. Currently, the collection includes over 48,000 films and over 30,000 cans of unedited footage. He is Director of the Internet Moving Images Archive project, which currently offers 1200 films from his collection for free downloading and reuse to all. He currently sits on the National Film Preservation Board, has worked in TV production and consulted for many companies, including HBO and Nickelodeon. He produced 14 CD-ROMs and 3 laserdiscs with The Voyager Company. In 1998-2000, he was host and writer for "Museum of Film Archaeology," a 20-part TV series broadcast on Sony's VAIO-TV in Japan. He often writes and lectures on technology and copyright issues.

Art Jones (guest artist)

Art Jones is an image/sound manipulator working with film, digital video, interactive CD-ROM, and hybrid media. His films/videos, CD-ROMs, live audio/videomixes, and installations concern the inter-relationships between popular music, visual culture, history, and power. As a VJ he has performed with a variety of musicians and artists including Soundlab, Anti-Pop Consortium, DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, DJ T-Ina, Amiri Baraka, DJ Singe and MC Verb, Femmes with Fatal Breaks, and Alec Empire and Phillip Virus. He performs at various locations in the U.S. and internationally. He is from the Bronx, New York, and lives and works in and between New York, and Chicago. His work is distributed by the Video Data Bank, and Third World Newsreel.

John Alderman (curator)

John Alderman is a writer and musician. His stories have been published in Wired, The Guardian (UK), and Salon; and his bands have toured the US and Japan. His first book, Sonic Boom was recently hailed by the New York Times as "smart and meticulous." This will be his fourth year helping to curate Taos Talking Pixels.

Spiros Antonopoulos (curator)

Spiros Antonopoulos works as a blue collar digital media mechanic: a humdrum dock labourer on the sea of The Imagination. Journalistic forays have included appearances in Mondo 2000, WIRED, and FringeWare Review. Recent projects include a Flash website for naturalsphere.com, experimental dub music (fragments appear in DJ Olive's piece in the Whitney Biennial), an interactive kabbalah, and an interview on psychedelic bug eating for TRIP magazine.

Kyle Silfer (director)

Kyle Silfer, publisher of the highly infrequent journal Reign of Toads, is a media observer specializing in the trailing edges of various technological waves. His writing has appeared in the Canadian cyberzine .tiff, Factsheet Five, and Albuquerque's Weekly Alibi. This is his second year working on Pixels.

David Beach (guest presenter)

David is a Consulting Engineer with Intel Solution Services. David's primary focus is in the design and security of Internet Data Centers. He has been actively participating on a team involved with the design of a Digital Media Data Center for storing managing and distributing of all forms of media content. Prior to Intel, David worked as a Network Administrator for the American Express Web Complex. He has a great outside interest in Media Creation and been creating and editing videos for several years.

Tom Pisano (guest presenter)

As one of Apple Computer's "Education Consultants", Tom has worked with integrating technology into the education market for the past 18 years. Tom works with Educators over a 15 state region in the Western United States. His observations have concluded that digital media and the internet work hand-in-hand in motivating both students and teachers to incorporate technology into a more robust curriculum as well as facilitate the changes needed to meet the language arts needs of a digital world. Tom has spent 15 years in the public school system as a classroom teacher, principal, and Director of Technology. Tom has been with Apple Computer, Inc. for the past fourteen years training teachers and developing programs to help schools plan for technology integration.

B.S. Education, University of Edinboro, Pennsylvania
MA Educational Technology, Nova University, Florida

Craig Goldsmith (ttpixels.org designer)

Craig Goldsmith, sole proprietor of 1uffakind.com, has been designing and hacking graphics for nearly 18 years. He is also the founder and host of the infamous Coffee Express radio program on KUNM-FM, a participatory, improvisational show along the lines of Negativland's "Over the Edge". He also hosts and curates an online Gallery that features the work of local artists and media geeks... with no banner ads nor commercial hooks. His designs have been seen on poetry banners and billboards as part of Poetry Habitat in Albuquerque, and he has won awards for his commercial work and for his work on KUNM.org.